How To Do SEO

Today i will show you the system of SEO. It is applicable on blogspot. You can find your site in first page in Google by applying SEO. So its very important to learn and need hard work to success. Now step by step we complete SEO in our site.

Making Sitemap:

At first, we make a sitemap for our blogspot. For making quality sitemap Click here. Then write your blogspot address in URL box and click Start.

Then click Here to download sitemap. After then click your sitemap. Now your sitemap making is finished.

Google Verification:

Now submit your site in google webmaster tool for this google can find your site. To submit your site Click here and log in you account. After then just click ADD A SITE and put your address.


Select Alternative methods > HTML tag  and copy the meta tag below. 

Now go to blogger Dashboard > Template > Edit HTML. Paste meta tag after <head> tag and select save template.

Click on VERIFY. Now Google verification is completed successfully!!!

Now select ADD/TEST SITEMAP to submit a sitemap. For this after click add/test sitemap, put your sitemap address. Sitemap submit completed.

Bing Verification:

Bing verification is similar to Google verification. For this log in Bing webmaster. Now select add a site and submit your site.

For verify click on verify now.

Now copy the meta tag below

Now go to blogger Dashboard > Template > Edit HTML. Paste meta tag after <head> tag and select save template.

Click on VERIFY. Now Bing verification is completed successfully!!!

Making Meta Tag:

In Blogsopt we can not use more then 150 words in meta tag. For that reason we create meta tag in a little.

 <title>"Your blogspot's title"</title> 
<meta name="keywords" content="set your keywords by coma"/>

If you want you can made meta tag from Here or Here.

Create Robots.txt:

Now Create your Robots.txt very carefully. Click here to create your Robots.txt for ypur site. Just Give your Sitemap and address and click on create button. Now add your custom robot on your blogspot into custom robot.txt. You may follow the below screenshot.

Blogspot Analyst:

To know your number of visitors and other updates please log in Google analytics. Then add your blogspot. after then add your analyst code in your blog. Analyst code must be verified.

Google Feed Burner:

This time we make a feed from google feed burner. For this please log in Google Feed Burner and make your feed your site. You can follow the rules below. It's can help you :) 

After making feed, add your feed URL on your blogspot.

Link Building ( End Process) :

Now this time we are trying to increase visitors in our site and find our site in first page on google. For this follow the rules below:

1. Write article in various blog and in last add your site URL. For increasing your site visitors.

2. Share your site on various social sites. Like facebook, twitter, linkedin etc.

3. Post your comment in various forum where there is no need to sign up to post a comment.
I Hope this post is very helpful for everyone. Hope you enjoy :) 
Happy earning. Stay with us ;)